Jiufen Homestay Chiu Chunt Dint

【2014 Friendly Restaurant】Featured meals, inviting you to taste

An encounter with the local delicacies during a trip enriches the travelers’ beautiful feelings! From the bamboo rice full of bamboo fragrance, braised beef noodles, healthy mushroom hotpot, strong golden coffee and tiramisu, Taiwan mango smoothie, taro ball, to pearl milk tea, each and every is the must-order delicacy in Jiufeng!

Just won the prize for the 2014 Friendly Restaurant in New Taipei City

Signature dish 1

Rice in bamboo tube set meal

Chiu Chunt Dint uses top grade sushi rice to cook with bamboo tube, light scent with moderate stickiness of the rice, classic taste.

Signature dish 2

Spicy beef noodle

Chewy braised beef with chewy noodle and tasty soup, great taste.

Signature dish 3

Chiu Chunt Dint mushroom pot

Use large bones to boil out sweet and fresh soup, with black boned chicken, wild mushrooms and healthy ingredients. Perfect for skincare and body care.

 Signature dish 4

 Pancake with Fruit

 & Ice Cream

The colorful fresh fruit in season is delicious and pleasing to the eye. The American pancakes are harmoniously accompanied by maple syrup with the fascinating aroma and the quality Haagen Dazs ice cream, attracting you to have one bite after another.

 Signature dish 5

 Bacon Quiche

The crispy salty pie has the abundant and delicious fillings, leaving the fragrant aftertaste and a fully content heart. The multilayered taste with the crunchy vegetables and Parmesan cheese composes a beautiful Waltz.

 Signature dish 6

 Golden Brownie

Cut and enjoy the thick silky chocolate filling flowing like volcano lava accompanied by the dense chocolate cake. The chocolate duo with the strong and charming fragrance is unforgettable!

     Signature dish 7

        Golden Coffee

Happiness comes from good luck. The Jiufeng people believe that gold is the god’s money. Those with good luck can drink golden coffee, receive the blessings from Jiufeng gold mine, and bring home the full luck of wealth.

There are much much more delicious cuisine at Chiu Chunt Dint waiting for you to discover…