Jiufen Homestay Chiu Chunt Dint

【2014 Friendly Restaurant】Featured meals, inviting you to taste

Meeting authentic gourmet during travel, enriches the good feelings of the travelers!Whether the bamboo scented rice in bamboo tube, chewy braised beef noodle, healthy mushroom pot, rich coffee with tiramisu, Taiwanese shaved ice, taro ball or pearl milk tea..., every dish is a must eat for the tourists in Jiufen!

Just won the prize for the 2014 Friendly Restaurant in New Taipei City

Signature dish 1

Rice in bamboo tube set meal

Chiu Chunt Dint uses top grade sushi rice to cook with bamboo tube, light scent with moderate stickiness of the rice, classic taste.

Signature dish 2

Spicy beef noodle

Chewy braised beef with chewy noodle and tasty soup, great taste.

Signature dish 3

Chiu Chunt Dint mushroom pot

Use large bones to boil out sweet and fresh soup, with black boned chicken, wild mushrooms and healthy ingredients. Perfect for skincare and body care.

Signature dish 4

Golden coffee set meal

Recall the great temperature in your memory with the tick Mandeling coffee, with edible gold foil floating on the coffee, every sip is a noble enjoyment.Signature gold coffee with the specially made soft dense tiramisu, as if entering the gold panning world.

Signature dish 5

Taiwanese retro shaved ice

Inherits the simple style of the shaved ice from old memories, soft round red and green beans, with the famous taro balls of Jiufen, simple but rich in taste, very memorable.

Signature dish 6

Specialty taro balls

Dessert is the specialty at Chiu Chunt Dint, especially the taro balls which attracts many taro lovers. Make appointment in advance if you want to taste!

Signature dish 7

Pearl milk tea

The most representative snack for Taiwan is the pearl milk tea, specially made milk tea with chewy pearls, smooth and chewy, you just can't stop loving it!

There are much much more delicious cuisine at Chiu Chunt Dint waiting for you to discover…