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Chiu Chun Dint RoomsThe coziness environment, greatness reappears

The most important feature at Chiu Chunt Dint Inn is reappearing the past feelings of Taiwan, by combining multiple elements; the traditional wooden chair, red tiles and soft sunshine to create an old atmosphere in the public space, while using modern design and furniture to create a comfortable resting environment in the rooms.

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Room Price

RoomPriceHolidayWeekdayExtra Person
Standard DoubleStandard15,0002,7002,700Cannot add bed/person
Family Suite4-person room15,0004,2004,200


* Reservation:

  1. After booking, please pay within 1 day, bank transfer or pay with credit card online, reservation will be cancelled if not paid.
  2. Guests using bank transfers, please make calls or fax after transfer to notify the last 5 digits of your account for confirmation.
  3. The inn will be closed at 1:00am, please arrive before that.
  4. Please do not bring pet.
  5. Whenever there is difference of actual price with the computer system, the balances will be paid to either side as the case may be. Balance of payment will be paid when guests arrive.
  6. Chiu Chunt Dint Inn service line: +886-2-2496-7680 Fax: +886-2-2496-7681
  7. Booking service time:11:00 AM~20:00 PM

* Definition of weekdays and holidays:

  1. Weekday:Sunday to Thursday
  2. Holiday:Friday, Saturday
  3. Price:Cesecutive holidays, special occasions and Chinese New Year holidays

* Check-In / Check-Out:

  • Check-In after 15:00
  • Check-Out before 11:00, NT$200 will be charged for every hour delayed.

* Bank Transfer Details:

  • Bank Account: (700) 0011354-0066583 / Name : Wu Chi-Ming
  • (Please fax the receipt with name / contact number / number of people / date of lodging)

* Cancellation & Refund:

NotifiedBefore 3 Days1~2 DaysSame Day
Proportions of Refund100%50%0%

* Extension of lodging:

  • Please notify extension in advance, 3 days prior , extension at the same day of reservation will not be accepted!