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About Chiu Chunt Dint

The dreams of gold panning are gone, Jiufen welcomes tourist now

Jiufen mountain city has become the best tool for movie directors to interpret the memories of instability eras. At the same time, tourists emerges in to find old memories.Jiufen has once again become an important site for Taiwan people to visit since the gold panning tide.

Time corridor is full of memories, the era of glamour lives

「Chiu Chunt Dint Inn」, was built in 1996 at Jiufen Ji-Shan street; it is a place for tea, food and relaxation.The homestay's owner Mr. Wu Chi-Ming, with his sensitivity with the old era, interprets the times with daily life views, which turns the time back to the 70's and 80's, recalls the times of generations and allow young people to see the glamour era of old times.

Jiufen Chiu Chunt Dint, chasing the memories of the 70's

Chiu Chunt Dint is an inn which pursues the memories of the 70's; through playing classic songs and old movie clips, memories of old days come up in mind. It was an era which was short of materials but mentally satisfied.